Felix: “Ich hatte gute Wellen” (I had good waves)

Felix is 10 years old. He lives in Portugal and wrote me an amazing letter about surfing.

Felix writes:

A perfect day


My name is Felix and I’m 10 years old.
My perfect day is like this:
I got up at 7:00 a.m. and had a very long breakfast.
Then I took my IPod to see how the waves are.
I thought that the waves looked very good for me, but my brother always says they are small.
But this doesn’t keep me from going surfing. Therefore, I packed my things and set off with my mother.
I had good waves and after surfing I went home. But I didn’t see that it is already 4:00 p.m.
I watched a movie and went to sleep.

Thank you so much for your great letter, Felix! I also like surfing. I don’t live by the ocean, but when I’m on holiday at the beach I go surfing, too.
I hope you have good waves very often and always lots of fun surfing! Big hug, Karina



Freddy: “Für mich ist ein schöner Tag wenn ein Freund zu mir kommt” (For me a beautiful day is when a friend comes to my house)

A letter in a wonderful bright green reached me from Portugal: Freddy described and drew his happy day for me.

Freddy’s letter says:

Hello, I’m Freddy.

I come from Portugal. For me a beautiful day is when a friend comes to my house or when I go to his house and when I go to the beach.

Thank you for your letter, Freddy. I like the color so much and I love the picture you drew! I want to jump right into the ocean when I see these waves. I understand perfectly that you like going to the beach. For me, too, the beach and the ocean is a wonderful place. And I hope you often visit your friend or he comes to your house and you have lots of fun together.


Andrew: “My best day surfing was with my sister”

Andrew is Elena’s brother. He is seven years old. He also loves surfing. Andrew’s Dad and sister surf with him. In the summer the water at the beach in Conil is warm. A happy day for Andrew is surfing and swimming in the waves. His best day surfing was with Elena: They rode a giant wave together.

Read all about the adventure of surfing in Andrew’s wonderful letter.

Elena and Andrew also sent me an amazing photo how they do surfing!

Andrew also learns surfing here: https://www.surf-school-spain.com/de/mobile/activity/31042/surfstunden-fuer-kinder-in-conil-de-la-frontera

Thank you so much, Andrew, for writing about your happy day surfing and riding giant waves with your sister! The first time I stood up on a surfboard also was one of my happiest days!




Elena: “A happy day for me is at the beach with my friends and family”

Elena is 10 years old and lives in Spain, in Conil. Reading her beautiful letter and seeing the amazing picture she painted makes me feel like it’s already summer.

Elena loves to surf and swim on the beach. Sunshine and waves make her happy. She can’t wait for the summer to come so that she can enjoy the beach. She loves spending time there with her friends and family.

Read and see all about the fun at the beach in Elena’s letter.

Here you can also find out where Elena learnt surfing and where children in Conil can do a kids surf course: https://www.surf-school-spain.com/de/mobile/activity/31042/surfstunden-fuer-kinder-in-conil-de-la-frontera

Thank you so much, Elena, for writing and painting about your happy day at the beach. I understand you perfectly: I love the beaches in Spain! And I had my first surf lesson in Rota, not far away from Conil. Surfing is so much fun!