Sarah: “Our school has made me feel loved and happy”

Sarah is 9 years old. She lives in Ebukanga, in Kenya, and sent me a lovely letter in English.

Sarah writes that her school has made her feel loved and happy. She gets meals, gifts and education.
Sarah also enjoys holidays. At home she plays with her friends, and they sing songs.

Dear Sarah, thank you for your letter! It’s great that you feel loved and happy at school. I wish you so many happy days at school and lots of fun when you play with your friends and you sing songs together! 🙂
Yes, I enjoyed the Christmas holidays in December, too. Thanks for asking, Sarah, and many greetings from me to you. ❤ Karina



Natalia: “I think about this day often as the best and happiest one in my life”

Natalia sent me a letter from Kaliningrad, in Russia. She also drew a beautiful picture.

Natalia’s letter says:

My best day

I will remember this day for a long time – my first school day – the 1st of September. On this day the children went to school to learn there in a good, interesting and cheerful way.
On this day it was sunny and warm. You could see colorful bouquets of flowers everywhere. Children carried them for their teachers.
My first teacher was called Natalia Wladimirowna. I remember that she was strict, but she had a nice smile and clever eyes. On this day I was a little bit afraid, I felt embarrassed because I didn’t know anybody in the class yet. But we got friends very quickly and learned togehther for 4 years.

I think about this day often as the best and happiest one in my life.

Dear Natalia, thanks a lot for your beautiful letter and the wonderful picture about your happy day! Спасибо ❤
I also remember my first school day. This is really a special day in life. And I’m very happy that it is such a lovely memory for you. I can imagine all the colorful bouquets, that you were nervous in the beginning, but then liked your teacher and the children. I hope that learning will always be fun for you and wish you all the best! Karina.

Moreover, I want to thank projekt Anna and Juliane Staltmaier for sending and translating Natalia’s letter. I’m also very happy about the picture of all the children who sent me a letter from Russia. This is wonderful. ❤ Спасибо

eremenko natalia_schreibeneremenko natalia_bildalle kinder aus russland, die briefe geschrieben haben

Alex: “My class mates together with my teacher will sing for me happy birthday”

Alex lives in Kenya, in Ebukanga near Luanda. He is 9 years old.

Alex sent me a beautiful letter in English about his happiest day.

Alex’ happiest day is his birthday on the 12th of December. His friends, class mates at school and his teacher sing happy birthday for Alex and he receives some presents like for example flowers.

Alex writes that he usually feels loved.

Dear Alex, thanks a lot for your letter! I’m doing well, thanks for asking. 🙂 I was very happy to read your letter. It’s wonderful that you enjoy your birthday so much and that your friends at school and your teacher sing happy birthday for you. I hope that you will always feel loved and I send you a big hug from Germany! Karina.

And thank you very much Kinderhilfswerk FURAHA e. V. for supporting schools in Kenya and sending Alex’ letter to me! ❤




Rommanee: “My first English lesson I was so excited, but I liked it a lot!”

The first letter from Thailand arrived: Rommanee is 14 years old and sent me an amazing letter about her happy day.

Rommanee lives in a children’s home. Her parents work as farmers and live in a village where there is no school. That’s why Rommanee lives in the children’s home because there she has the chance to go to school.

– Thanks a lot to Thai Care e.V. for forwarding Rommanee’s letter to me and to Anne Brouer who translated the letter into English! Rommanee’s letter says:

I like to see my teacher Thea. I am happy that she is a volunteer in our children’s home and teaches English to us. It is good for asking questions. I am very glad because Thea speaks English very well. My first English lesson I was so excited, but I liked it a lot! As more as I learn English I like it more and more.

I like my volunteer teacher Thea, because she teaches funny and isn’t too strict. I love to play English games with the teacher and I am very happy that Thea is here!

– Thank you so much – ขอบคุณ – Rommanee for your lovely letter and the beautiful picture! It’s awesome that you like learning English so much. I also like learning new languages. I had a look at Thai on the internet to write “thank you” here in your language and I think it’s fascinating. 🙂 I hope you spend many happy days learning English with Thea and playing lots of funny English games!


Abigaël: “Quand je mange macaroni je suis contente” (When I eat macaroni I’m happy)

Abigaël is 6 years old and lives in Benin. Benin is situated in West Africa. I’m so happy that Abigaël sent me the first letter from there!

She wrote in French. This is the translation of her letter:

Dear Ms. Sillmann,

My name is Abigaël and I’m six years old.

The day I’m happy is during Christmas. Then I dance and I eat well.

Here with us, Santa Claus comes every year to give us presents.

When I eat macaroni I’m happy, too and one or two times a year I also eat the salad which is very smooth!

One day that makes me happy is also when I get a good mark at school.

Thank you and bye for now,


– Thank you Abigaël – merci beaucoup – for your wonderful letter! I’m happy that you like Christmas and that Santa Claus comes every year to bring you presents. I also love to eat macaroni. And I hope that you get a good mark at school very often. Lots of love, Karina