Matilda: “Eine lange Reitstunde auf Tili mit Springen und allem!!!” (A long riding lesson on Tili with jumping and everything!!!)

Matilda goes to the German school in Lisbon, Portugal. She is 11 years old and sent me a letter in German full of ideas how to spend a happy day.

In English Matilda’s letter says:

A perfect day

I think on a perfect day I would do a lot of things, for example: eat ice cream, go for a little bike ride, and then spend the rest of the day with the horses and a long riding lesson on Tili with jumping and everything!!!

At night sushi and a movie.

My brothers and sisters must not argue with me or with each other like always!

And in addition they would have to do what I ask them!!!

Danke, Matilda, thank you for your letter with all the great ideas for a perfect day! I also like to eat ice cream. 🙂 I didn’t try riding yet but there is a girl in my dancing class who does it and she loves it very much, too. I hope you spend many happy days with all the things you like to do and that your brothers and sisters don’t argue often. 🙂 Lots of love, Karina

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Heidi: “Wir spielen so lange mit den Hunden bis wir Hunger bekommen und eine riesige Pizza essen” (We play with the dogs until we get hungry and eat a huge pizza)

Heidi goes to the German school in Lisbon, Portugal. She sent me a wonderful letter about the things that make her happy.

Heidi writes:

A perfect day

Hello, my name is Heidi and I am 10 years old.
For me, a perfect day would be like this:
In the morning I can sleep as long as I want and then I go with my dog Kika to the Quinta da Marinha. (Quinta is Portuguese and means homestead or farm building in English.) My friend Matti already waits there with the horses for me. Then we ride through the forest very long, Matti rides on Tilly and I ride on Otopia.
After riding I go to the beach with Kika, Matti and Lua, Matti’s dog.
We play with the dogs until we get hungry and eat a huge pizza.
After that, we go to Matti’s house, we watch all episodes of Supergirl and eat popcorn.
Later we go swimming in Matti’s swimming pool and I sleep at her house.

Dear Heidi, thank you for your letter! Your perfect day sounds like a lot of fun! I also like days on which I can sleep as long as I want. I never tried horse riding, but a girl who comes to my dance class also rides and always tells me that it is amazing. 🙂
I love to eat pizza, too, and to watch my favorite series!
I hope you have a lot of happy days with your friend Matti and your dog Kika!

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Nuria: “Ihr Galopp sieht so aus als ob du auf einer Rakete reitest” (Her gallop looks as if you would ride a rocket)

Nuria lives in Portugal and sent me a wonderful letter about her happy day.

She wrote in German. In English her letter says:

Hello Karina, my name is Nuria and I’m 9 years old, but I’ll be 10 very soon. I live in Portugal. Unfortunately my parents are separated, but I already got used to it. My Mom lives in Lisbon and my Dad lives in Cascais. But now I’ll answer your question! For me a beautiful day is to only go riding the whole day, but on a particular horse. Her name is Super Star. She is very small, but very fast. Since she has short legs she tries to pick up the pace of the other horses. She is the fastest horse at the riding school. Her gallop looks as if you would ride a rocket.

Thank you so much for your wonderful letter, Nuria! It’s great to imagine how you ride and the gallop of Super Star looks as if you would ride a rocket. That’s fantastic! I hope you have so many happy days at the riding school and that you enjoy a lot of time with Super Star. A big hug from me to you.

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Celeste: “Salgo a pasear a lugares turisticos de mi pais” (I go for a walk to the tourist places of my country)

Celeste sent me such an amazing letter from the Dominican Republic.

Her letter is in Spanish. Here is the translation to English:

What is a happy day for me?

When I go out for a walk to the tourist places of my country. I like to eat, pastelón de plátano maduro (this is a dish from the Dominican Republic, the translation could be ripe plantain casserole) and for dessert strawberry or chocolate. I like pizza very much and ice cream and I love tres leches (this is a cake). And to go for a ride, in the car and with a horse. When my Mom buys me clothes and shoes. All this makes me super happy.

Thank you so much – muchas gracias – Celeste for your wonderful letter! I like it so much. What a great idea that you like to go for a walk to the tourist places of your country. I’m sure there is so much to discover. I also love pizza, and strawberries and ice cream. I will have a look at the dishes from the Dominican Republic, too!

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