Mya: “Mi día feliz sería cuando pase algo mágico” (My happy day would be when something magical happens)

Mya is 9 years old. She lives in Ecuador, in a city called Ibarra. Ibarra is the capital of Imbabura, a province located in the Andes of northern Ecuador.

Mya sent me a truly beautiful letter in Spanish that made me so happy.

She writes:

My happiness
My happy day would be when something magical happens, like that: children who are poor would have food, or that poor dogs and the ones that don’t have a master would have a master. There would be neither racism nor criminals. Maltreatment would be gone, and the world would be happy. And it would be like that: Example.

– Mya has drawn the example at the end of her letter: It shows the world with happy people holding hands around it.

Muchísimas gracias Mya, thank you so much for your letter! ❤ It made me so happy because it is such a wonderful vision for the world. You are 9 years old and already such a wise girl. Me too, I would be very happy to see the magic happen that all children have enough food, dogs have a home, everybody is treated well, and the world would be a beautiful happy place for all. I also love your drawing which shows how wonderful this would be. 🙂 I send you a big hug from Germany! ❤ Karina

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Happy Birthday!

Today it’s Children’s Happy Days’ first birthday!

I want to say thank you and celebrate with you one year full of wonderful and inspiring letters, happy moments and new friends.

As I started this project one year ago, I could not have imagined that today there are already 70 letters from 20 countries collected here. Children from Afghanistan, Benin, Bhutan, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Germany, Indonesia, Kenya, Portugal, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Uganda and the USA sent me letters about their happy days. They made me smile, think, inspired me and touched my heart. I hope, when you read the letters you are as happy as I am when I learn something about what happiness is for children from all over the world.

I also got to know wonderful people who stick up for children like Lucrecia from Centro Niñez Feliz, Mike from Kinderhilfe Indonesien, Chrisna, Karabo and Mary from Lesedi la Batho, Andrew from Oceano Surf School, Mara from Kwa moyo, Barbara and Thomas at the German school in Lisbon. Amongst them new friends I’m so glad I got to know during this year.

The children who wrote me the amazing letters from Portugal I also met personally during a journey to Lisbon. I visited them and their teachers Barbara and Thomas at the German school and had one of the most beautiful days.

All of this makes me really happy! I’m so excited what the next year of Children’s Happy Days will bring, which countries will join the blog and what else we can learn from children about happiness.

Lots of love, Karina

PS: A big heartfelt thank you to my Mom who always believes in me and my dreams and reads every single blog article. You are awesome! ❤


Kabelo: “For me what makes a lucky day is to wake up in a home with loving parents”

Kabelo lives in South Africa, in the Townshiph Mabopane, close to Pretoria. He is 14 years old.

I received his letter per e-mail. Kabelo wrote:

“For me what makes a lucky day is to wake up in a home with loving parents who will do anything for me and protect me against all the bad things like criminals and those who smoke nyaope in the community.”

– Nyaope is a drug that is used in South Africa.

Reading Kabelo’s letter I wish all children in the world would grow up safe and protected.

Thanks a lot, Kabelo, for writing to me. I’m happy that you have loving parents and I hope that there are – beside the bad things – also many good things and you often have a happy time with your family.


Grace: “A happy birthday party at kwa moyo was my best day in life”

Grace is 8 years old and lives in Uganda, in East Africa.

Her happiest day was a day when children celebrated their birthdays at kwa moyo Education Centre.

Kwa moyo supports children in Uganda. You can read about their work here:

At the birthday party there was a big cake for all of the children and there was food and soda for everyone to take. Grace was so happy about this day; she wrote me it was the best day in her life. She also sent me a picture of the birthday party.

Read all about this special day in Grace’s wonderful letter.

Thanks a lot, Grace, for letting me know about this happy day. When I read about it and see the beautiful picture, I wish I would have been there, too! I hope there will be lots of other birthday parties that make you happy!

letter GraceGeburtstagsfeier.jpg


Vitor: “Nós brincamos juntos” (We play together)

Today I received a very lovely e-mail: Vitor is 5 years old. He cannot write yet so that he told his Dad about his happy day. His Dad then wrote the letter for his son.

Vitor lives in Brazil, in Rio do Sul. He is happy when his family is happy as well. And he loves to be outside and to play togehter with his brother.

The letter is in Portuguese:

Meu nome é Vitor Pasqualini Pereira, tenho 5 anos e moro em uma cidade chamada Rio do Sul, no Brasil. para mim um dia feliz é quando eu estou feliz, assim como meu pai, minha mãe, meu irmão e a nossa cachorrinha mel estão felizes também. Quando recebo carinho da minha família, meu dia fica bem mais alegre. Além disso para o dia ser feliz eu adoro fazer alguma atividade no parque ao ar livre com meu irmão. Nós brincamos juntos, curtimos os brinquedos para as crianças, e correr no gramado do parque.

In English it says:

My name is Vitor Pasqualini Pereira, I’m 5 years old and I live in a city called Rio do Sul in Brazil. For me a happy day is when I’m happy and when my Dad, my Mom, my brother and our little dog honey are happy as well. When I receive love and affection from my family my day is even more cheerful. So that the day is happy I also love to do something in the park in the fresh air with my brother. We play together, enjoy the toys for children and run across the meadow in the park.

Thank you very much, Vitor and Vitor’s Dad – muito obrigada – for this very nice letter. When I was a child, I also had very happy days playing outside with my brother!