“Darles de comer a las palomitas” (To feed the little pigeons)

I don’t know the child’s name who sent me this letter, but it’s from Colombia, from Popayán.
It’s a beautiful letter in Spanish with a lovely drawing, too.

In English, the letter says:

How a happy day is for me
For me a happy day is to go to eat ice cream, to go camping with my whole family, to go to the park, to go to the steeple and at the steeple to ascend the nave, connected because it tickles in my stomach, and also to go to the swimming pool. I like to go to the Parque de Caldas (the Caldas Park, a park in Popayán) to see the illumination there and to feed the little pigeons that I sometimes see how they take a bath.

Hello there, thanks a lot for your letter and the drawing! Muchas gracias. I like the heart balloons and the swing and the slide that you drew! 🙂 It looks like a lot of fun in the park. I also had a look on the internet at pictures of the Caldas Park in Popayán. It must be a really nice place.  I hope you enjoy a lot of beautiful days there, feeding the little pigeons, and also eating ice cream and when you go camping with your family. Lots of love, Karina.



Alina: “Outside it is very quiet and magical”

Alina is 11 years old. She lives in Russia, in Kaliningrad.

Alina sent me a wonderful letter in Russian, together with a beautiful picture she drew.

Alina writes:

My best day

Silver snowflakes fall from the sky. Outside it is very quiet and magical. The city is decorated solemnly with bright chains of light. The windows of the houses are lighted, today nobody goes to bed early.
My best day is New Year’s Day. The whole family looks forward to the magic of New Year’s Day. Especially the children are excited about this celebration. We cook different dishes together. We joke, we laugh, everyone is excited in a comfortable way, in the feeling before the New Year’s Eve. Everybody dresses beautifully, everybody does their hair. My sister Lera and I dance around the New Year tree. Then we sit down at the table and enjoy delicious things. We wait for the chimes to congratulate each other and then we go outside. Pedestrians in the streets congratulate each other, children cheer and romp. Everybody watches the festive salute. Then we return home to go to sleep. We want the night to end quickly so that we can unwrap our New Year presents and see which presents Father Frost gave to us.
This is my best day.

Alina, thanks so much for your wonderful letter! Спасибо ❤
I love your description of New Year’s Eve. It feels like I was there with you. 🙂 I can imagine that this is a great day and that you enjoy it very much.
I also love the picture you drew that shows how happy you are this day.
I wish you so so many happy and fantastic New Year celebrations. Never stop to enjoy these magical things in life. 🙂 Lots of love, Karina

Alina Komarowa_SchreibenAlina KOmarowa_Bild

Jose: “Tener a toda la familia unida” (To have the whole family united)

Jose lives in Popayán, in Colombia, and sent me a moving letter in Spanish that shows how precious is time with your family.

Jose writes:

An entire happy day

That what would make me happy, would be to wake up next to my Dad and my Mom, to have a big house and to have the whole family united, that we have dinner in a big dining room with the whole family; that my Grandad Rodrigo would be alive, and to go to another country, to go for a walk with my whole family, that my Mom and my Dad would be together, to have a finca (country house) with many animals, but above all to have a united family that doesn’t argue, that there would be only one day to enjoy all united, it doesn’t matter to me not to have money with that of being with all of them, to go for an ice cream, to go to the Kinderhilfe, and live together well with them, to know Miss Ute, to thank her for everything, to tell her that what she does is something very beautiful and shows solidarity, that in this time I could live with happiness and with my whole family.
That would be the happiest day in my life.

Dear Jose, thank you very much for your letter. Muchas gracias. ❤ I can understand that you would love to see your family united. For me, my family is very important, too. I wish you so much that you can spend happy days with your family and that it’s possible to go for a walk with them or to eat ice cream. And I’m happy that you like to go to the Kinderhilfe (that is Kinderhilfe für Kolumbien) and that you like Miss Ute (who also sent me Jose’s letter – thanks a lot ❤ ).
It’s good to read your letter and to be reminded to enjoy the time with your family. Thank you, Jose, I wish you all the best, happiness and that your dreams will come true. Big hug, Karina.


Dana: “Despertar en mi casa” (To wake up at home)

Dana lives in Colombia, in a city called Popayán, in the south-west of the country.

She sent me a letter in Spanish that moved me a lot.

Dana listed everything that makes her happy.
She writes:

What makes me happy on a day:

* to wake up at home
* to have one more day of life
* when I can have breakfast with my family
* to come to the foundation and to participate in the Advent calendar
* to write down my thoughts
* to play with my things and to feel that I’m still a child
* to paint and to watch videos
* to eat tiramisu ice cream
* to share a house with my grandmother and my cousin
* my Mom accompanies me during the night
* to spend Christmas with my family

Dana also drew a beautiful mistletoe with bells, a Christmas tree, and wrote Feliz Navidad (Merry Christmas).
The foundation she writes about is Kinderhilfe für Kolumbien, an organization that supports people in Colombia. Kinderhilfe für Kolumbien also sent me many letters from children in Popayán (including the one from Dana). Thanks a lot for that, the other letters will follow. ❤

And muchas gracias Dana! Thank you so much for your letter! I hope you had lovely Christmas days with your family. I also love to write down my thoughts. It’s a good way to reflect on the things you see and experience. I wish you with all my heart that you can often play and paint, eat tiramisu ice cream, feel that you are still a child, and that you are safe and happy. Much love, Karina. ❤


Carlota: “I would cycle with my family to the park”

Carlota lives in Portugal, in Lisbon. She is 11 years old and sent me a beautiful letter in English.

A perfect day for her would be on a hot day. She would have pancakes for breakfast, go to the beach and surf for a long time. She would eat pizza at her favorite restaurant, eat ice cream after that and cycle with her family to the park.

Read all about Carlota’s happy day in her lovely letter.

Thank you very much for writing to me, Carlota! I also love to have pancakes for breakfast. 🙂 Your letter really sounds like a perfect day, all the things you described I like to do, too! I hope you often have the chance to surf, to eat pizza at “Pizza Italia”, to cycle to the park with your family and to have TV dinner when you’re back home. Lots of love, Karina.

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