Antonio: “Ein schöner Tag für mich ist, wenn ich Fußball spiele” (A beautiful day for me is when I play football)

Antonio is 10 years old and lives in Portugal. He goes to the German school in Lisbon (Deutsche Schule Lissabon) and sent me a great letter with a cool picture about what makes him happy.

Antonio writes:

Hello Karina,

My name is Antonio and I’m 10 years old.

I’m from Portugal.

A beautiful day for me is when I see my friends, when I play the piano and when I have time to paint. And when I play football.

What is a beautiful day for you?

Thank you for your letter and the amazing drawing of playing football, Antonio! I like it very much! It’s great that there are different things that make you happy. For me too, a beautiful day is when I see my friends. Other things that make me happy are listening to music, dancing, writing and travelling! Every day I can do one of these things is a beautiful day for me. 🙂 Many greetings from Germany!

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Concepción: “Yo me imagino que siento la arena en mis pies” (I imagine that I feel the sand under my feet)

Concepción lives in the Dominican Republic and sent me an amazing letter in Spanish.

She writes:

The happiest day in my life would be when they take me to the beach because I have never gone to a beach. I would like to go there with my Mom and Dad and see the ocean. I imagine that I feel the sand under my feet and see the birds, the sun and the sunset. I would be very happy if I could see this landscape.

And I also feel happy the day we draw because I love drawing. I draw everything from my imagination and everybody likes what I do. Thank you.

Gracias a ti, thanks to you, Concepción for your wonderful letter! I understand perfectly that you dream of going to the beach and seeing the ocean. This was also one of my big dreams. It came true when I was 15 years old. I wish that your dream comes true, too, and that you will go the beach with your Mom and Dad and see the waves, the birds and the sunset and feel the sand under your feet. And I hope you draw many beautiful pictures!


Zaratul: “I like drawing very much”

Zaratul is 7 years old and lives in Indonesia, in a small village called Binangun.

Zaratul sent me a wonderful letter, a photo and a picture she drew. Zaratul likes drawing very much.

She goes to school on foot every day because the school is not far from her family’s house. Zaratul has one brother.

She likes to buy drawing books and colour pencils.

Have a look at Zaratul’s letter and the beautiful picture she drew.

To find out more about the children in Indonesia, you can also visit Kinderhilfe Indonesien or have a look at Mike Alsdorf’s book Indonesien – Abenteuer Kinderhilfe. Mike supports children in Indonesia and made the contact to Indonesia for me.

Thanks, Mike, for your help and thank you, Zaratul, for your letter and picture! To answer your question: I have not been to Indonesia yet, but I would love to see it. I hope you draw many more wonderful pictures and have lots of fun at school and with your family!

Zaratul Shifa Ramadani - LetterZaratul Shifa Ramadani - PictureZaratul Shifa Ramadani

Lia: “My hobby is drawing”

Lia is 8 years old and lives in Indonesia, in Binangun.

Lia’s hobby is drawing and with her letter and a photo she also sent me an amazing picture she painted.

Lia has one younger sister. She helps her mother and plays with her sister every day. She likes going to school because she can meet many friends there.

One day Lia wants to be a teacher.

Read Lia’s lovely letter and see the amazing picture she painted.

Thanks Mike and his organization Kinderhilfe Indonesien for making the contact to Indonesia. And thank you so much, Lia, for your beautiful letter and picture!  When I was a child I also liked going to school and to meet all my friends there. I hope you draw many other pictures and that later you will be a teacher.


Lia Angggaraeni - LetterLia Angggaraeni - PictureLia Anggaraeni