Ellen: “My happy day is looking for a pink and purple rainbow”

Ellen lives in Canada, in Edmonton.
She takes part in the preschool program for children ages 3 ½ to 5 years old at Norwood Child and Family Resource Centre. Ellen is one of the children who drew pictures with their teacher Rosa about their happy day.

Ellen drew lots of lines in purple and pink: Her happy day is looking for a pink and purple rainbow.

Thank you, Ellen, for your letter! I like your picture with lots of purple and pink. These are beautiful colors. It’s such a delightful idea to look for a pink and purple rainbow. The next time when the sun shines while it’s raining, I will also look for a pink and purple rainbow! 🙂 Big hug ❤ Karina.



Nadia: “Es war ein schöner Tag zusammen mit meinen Eltern” (It was a beautiful day together with my parents)

Nadia lives in Romania. She goes to the German school in Sighisoara and sent me a lovely letter in German.

Nadia writes:

One day I was at the thermal bath.
There were many swimming pools and saunas. I swam a lot and jumped into the water. I slept in the relaxation room. It was a beautiful day together with my parents. I also ate ice cream. This was my favorite day.

Thank you for your letter, Nadia. Your favorite day sounds like a lot of fun. I also like to go to a thermal bath from time to time. Especially in winter when it’s cold outside I like that a lot. It’s great to hear that you had such a beautiful day together with your parents. I wish you so many more days like that! 🙂 Lots of love, Karina.


Mya: “Mi día feliz sería cuando pase algo mágico” (My happy day would be when something magical happens)

Mya is 9 years old. She lives in Ecuador, in a city called Ibarra. Ibarra is the capital of Imbabura, a province located in the Andes of northern Ecuador.

Mya sent me a truly beautiful letter in Spanish that made me so happy.

She writes:

My happiness
My happy day would be when something magical happens, like that: children who are poor would have food, or that poor dogs and the ones that don’t have a master would have a master. There would be neither racism nor criminals. Maltreatment would be gone, and the world would be happy. And it would be like that: Example.

– Mya has drawn the example at the end of her letter: It shows the world with happy people holding hands around it.

Muchísimas gracias Mya, thank you so much for your letter! ❤ It made me so happy because it is such a wonderful vision for the world. You are 9 years old and already such a wise girl. Me too, I would be very happy to see the magic happen that all children have enough food, dogs have a home, everybody is treated well, and the world would be a beautiful happy place for all. I also love your drawing which shows how wonderful this would be. 🙂 I send you a big hug from Germany! ❤ Karina

Myas día feliz.jpeg

Diana: “My emotions went wild”

Diana lives in Kaliningrad, in Russia. She is 13 years old and sent me an awesome letter in Russian about her best day.

Juliane Staltmaier from projekt Anna translated the letter for me. (Thanks a lot!)
Diana writes:

My best day was just a short time ago, on the 21 of November 2018. That was the day when we had a performance together with the team “Difficult age” in the Club of the cheerful and sharp-witted in Moscow. After the show all teams were invited to the stage to hear the results of the competition. We were terribly nervous because the name of our team was not mentioned. We were standing there smiling and joyful, though in our hearts we were scared and sad, because we realized that we would not go to the semi-finals. They also added some teams from the other games, but the name of our team had still not been said. We thought that was the end, tears were coming to my eyes, I tried my best to restrain myself and not to cry. And finally, the jury uttered the words that I will remember for a long time: “We could not help noticing these guys, Guryevsk, you go to the semi-finals!” My emotions went wild.

Dear Diana, thank you so much for your beautiful letter! Спасибо. ❤
I could really empathize with you while I read your letter. I know the feeling when you want to go on with something you love, and you hope and wait for the result. It’s amazing that you went to the semi-finals with your team! Congratulations, and I wish you so much fun and success with your team and your performances. Big hug, Karina.


“Darles de comer a las palomitas” (To feed the little pigeons)

I don’t know the child’s name who sent me this letter, but it’s from Colombia, from Popayán.
It’s a beautiful letter in Spanish with a lovely drawing, too.

In English, the letter says:

How a happy day is for me
For me a happy day is to go to eat ice cream, to go camping with my whole family, to go to the park, to go to the steeple and at the steeple to ascend the nave, connected because it tickles in my stomach, and also to go to the swimming pool. I like to go to the Parque de Caldas (the Caldas Park, a park in Popayán) to see the illumination there and to feed the little pigeons that I sometimes see how they take a bath.

Hello there, thanks a lot for your letter and the drawing! Muchas gracias. I like the heart balloons and the swing and the slide that you drew! 🙂 It looks like a lot of fun in the park. I also had a look on the internet at pictures of the Caldas Park in Popayán. It must be a really nice place.  I hope you enjoy a lot of beautiful days there, feeding the little pigeons, and also eating ice cream and when you go camping with your family. Lots of love, Karina.