Send me a letter

I’m always happy to receive new letters for my blog.
Every child, from every place in the world, if you would like to tell me about your happy day, you can write to me in English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, or French. If you write in another language, please ask an adult to send a translation with your letter.
If you are a child or teenager who would like to send me a letter, or you are an adult with a son, daughter, nephew, niece or grandchild who would like to write a letter for my blog, please let me know.
You can also contact me if you are a teacher whose students would like to send letters for my blog, or if you have an organisation that supports children who would love to participate in my project.
You can reach me via the contact form here on the blog. I’ll then get back to you and let you know in which ways you can send me a letter.