Roland: “My hobby is swimming”

Roland sent me a letter from Tallinn. Tallinn is the capital of Estonia, a country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe.
Roland is 12 years old and wrote his letter in English.

Roland’s letter says:
My Happy Day
Dear Karina,
I am Roland Maltis and I’m 12 and from Tallinn. My happy day is when I don’t have school because I don’t need to learn something and don’t need to get up early. When I go on a trip, I have a happy day too. When it is my birthday, New Year’s Eve or Christmas it is a happy day too. My hobby is swimming, and I am happy when I go to a swimming pool in other countries because it is interesting.

Hi Roland, thank you very much for your letter! I have to say when I went to school, I did not like it either to get up so early. I would have liked it more if school days had started a little later. 🙂 So, I understand that, but I also hope that sometimes you learn things at school that are interesting. 🙂
I hope you had a beautiful Christmas time and a great start of the new year! I have not considered yet how swimming pools are different in other countries, but that is a fascinating question. Next time I’m in another country, I will think of your letter and have a look how the swimming pools are there.
Lots of love from Germany, Karina

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