Ange Lynzi: “I love people who make me laugh”

Ange Lynzi is 15 years old. She lives in Burundi. Burundi is a country in East Africa. Ange Lynzi lives in Kanyosha, a commune of Bujumbura Rural Province in Burundi.
Ange Lynzi wrote a letter in Kirundi, the language of Burundi.

Her letter says:

That which I love first of all is listening to music. And I also love singing very much. I also love to dress with style, and I love Android more than anything. I also love people who make me laugh, those who are called comedians. I also love to draw flowers, I love to go for a walk and I love to study. I also love when we are all together at the Foundation Stamm.

Dear Ange Lynzi, thank you so much for your beautiful letter! I also love listening to music. And I like drawing, too. 🙂 It’s wonderful to read how colourful you describe all the things you love. It’s a beautiful mixture of different things. I hope that you will always have fun expressing your creativity with your personal style, that you will always be surrounded by people you love and that you will laugh a lot.
Big hug, Karina.

And I want to thank the organisation Burundikids e.V. that supports children in Burundi, together with the Foundation Stamm Ange Lynzi writes about. They sent me Ange Lynzi’s letter together with a translation from Kirundi. Thanks a lot, and all the best for your work! ❤

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    » […] Was ich zuallererst liebe, ist das Hören von Musik. Und auch das Singen liebe ich sehr. Ich liebe es auch, mich stilvoll zu kleiden, und ich liebe Android mehr als alles andere. Ich liebe auch Menschen, die mich zum Lachen bringen, die man Komiker nennt. Ich liebe es auch, Blumen zu zeichnen, spazieren zu gehen und zu studieren. Ich liebe es auch, wenn wir alle zusammen in der Stiftung Stamm sind. […] «

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