Darío: “Ayudar a quien me pide ayuda” (To help who asks me for help)

Darío is 10 years old. He lives in Cuba, in a city called Sancti Spíritus.

Darío sent me an amazing letter in Spanish together with a drawing, and a photo of him.

In English, Darío’s letter says:

What is happiness for me?
For me, happiness is to be with my family and to help them with what they need. To play and to get along well with my friends. To help who asks me for help. To share, to have a good character always; to care for animals and for nature.

Hola Darío, thanks a lot for your beautiful letter! Muchas gracias! 🙂 I like it a lot what you write about happiness. It’s wonderful that to help others, to share, and to care for animals and for nature makes you happy, Darío. I’m sure your family and friends feel very blessed to have you in their life. The world really needs caring people like you. I wish you many happy moments with your family and when playing with your friends! Sending you a big hug from Germany, Karina.

Darío, Kuba, BriefSancti Spíritus (Stadt in Kuba)

Ridha: “My happy day is a time when I can find ideas to write a poem”

Ridha sent me a beautiful letter from Indonesia. She lives in Purwokerto, a city on the island of Java.
Ridha is 19 years old and wrote a beautiful letter in English as well as a poem. She normally writes her poems in Indonesian, but she sent me one in English so that it’s easier for everybody to understand.

Ridha’s letter says:

Dear Karina,
My happy day is a time when I can find ideas to write a poem. I like to read and write poems and quotes, because for me writing poetry can represent the feelings of my heart.
When I’m happy I like to write my happiness in the form of poetry and quotes, as well as when I’m sad. So for me poetry is a friend of my likes and sorrows.
Lately I like to take part in poetry writing competitions, even though my poetry is not as good as other people’s work, but for me what’s wrong with trying.
Kind regards,
Ridha Husna

Dear Ridha, thank you so much for your wonderful letter and the beautiful poem. ❤ I also think that writing poetry can represent the feelings of the heart. I have never tried to write poetry, but I love to write stories and for me it’s also a way to express my ideas and feelings. I guess it’s a wonderful thing that you take part in writing competitions. You’re right, nothing’s wrong with trying. Trying is what can make your dreams come true. And as for me, I like your poem very much. It has something very warm and pure to me. I can feel you wrote it from your heart. And all this as you wrote it in English for me, so I’m sure your poems in Indonesian are even more fascinating. So, I hope you keep writing poetry, Ridha, and that it will always be a friend of your likes and sorrows. Lots of love, Karina.

Ridha, 19Ridha poem

Opeyemi: “Reading novels makes me happy especially at night before going to bed”

Opeyemi lives in Nigeria, in West Africa. Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa with more than 200 million people who live there.

Opeyemi sent me a lovely letter in English and writes:

Dear Karina,
My name is Opeyemi from Nigeria, I hope you are safe, because this is a period that you have to stay safe and protect yourself from this Covid 19 Pandemic.
What makes me happy is reading novels because it makes me feel relaxed and happy, while reading it. I read novels during my leisure and reading stories that inspires me. Reading novels makes me happy especially at night before going to bed.
Karina, I hope to hear from you soon. Stay safe.

Dear Opeyemi, thank you very much for your beautiful letter. You are right, this is a very special period and it is important to stay safe. So first of all, I wish you safety and health.
It’s wonderful that reading novels makes you happy. I also love reading novels and feel inspired by beautiful stories. I like reading books at night before I go to bed, too. So I hope that you will always discover inspiring novels, Opeyemi, that bring you happiness and joy! Stay safe. Lots of love, Karina.


Matthias: “Lego bauen ist sehr kreativ und lustig” (Building Lego is very creative and funny)

Matthias lives in Lima, the capital of Peru. He sent me a beautiful letter in German, together with a drawing, about the things that make him happy.

Matthias writes:

Dear Karina,
How are you?
I am fine.
For me it’s a beautiful day when I play with my friends, when I build Lego and when I’m with my family.
These days are beautiful for me because building Lego is very creative and funny. My friends are very funny. With my family we can play board games and go to the cinema and watch movies.
Lots of love,

Hi Matthias, thank you for your wonderful letter! I’m fine, too. You’re right, building Lego is creative and funny. My brother and I also liked to do this when we were children. I still remember how we once got a dragon castle as a present for Christmas. 🙂 It’s great that your friends are funny. It’s always good to have fun with your friends! I hope you have many more of these beautiful days with your friends and your family, building Lego, playing board games, and going to the cinema. Big hug, Karina.


Ámbar: “Cuando mezclas risas, entusiasmo y buena compañía obtienes felicidad” (When you mix laughter, enthusiasm and good company you receive happiness)

Ámbar is 11 years old. She lives in Puerto Rico, a combination of islands located in the Caribbean Sea. Ámbar lives in Cabo Rojo, on the southwest coast of Puerto Rico.

She sent me an amazing letter in Spanish about what happiness is to her. And she also drew a wonderful picture of three girls and birds up in the clouds.

In English, Ámbar’s letter says:

Happiness is a feeling, you cannot be sad when you have happiness because when you are sad, happiness leaves. When you mix laughter, enthusiasm and good company you receive happiness.
There are other things that make you happy, like your birthday, Christmas, Easter, Saint Valentine’s Day and Halloween. You can also describe happiness as “you best day ever”.
Nevertheless, sometimes happiness burns in fights, wars and screams. There are words of hatred, politicians mistreat people and people become scared. There is no serenity, there is no love, there is no solidarity.
But when you think a little bit positive, the wars, the screams and the hatred disappear.
Think of flowers, butterflies, the rainbow, the sun shining high in the sky surrounded by soft and wavy clouds.
Think of your friends and make friends to share with. This is how the balloon of happiness of your life fills.

Hola Ámbar, muchísimas gracias por tu carta! Thank you so much for your letter, Ámbar! Your letter really impressed and moved me. You’re right, laughter, enthusiasm and good company is a great mixture for happiness. I also thought about the things you describe that burn happiness. It’s a gift to face these things with positive thoughts. And when I look at the picture you drew, I can imagine the soft and wavy clouds and the sunshine you think of. I wish for you and every child in the world that you will always find love, serenity and solidarity, Ámbar. And I hope that the balloon of happiness in your life is filled with all your beautiful thoughts and with beautiful experiences, too. Sending you a big hug! Abrazo, Karina.