“Und ja, wir sind in Disney Land” (And yes, we are in Disney Land)

I don’t know the child’s name who sent me this letter, but it reached me from Sighisoara in Romania, from one of the children who go to the German school there.

The letter is in German, and in English it says:

The best day of my life!

It was on a sunny day with nice weather. We went to the car and I asked where we go, but my Mom didn’t answer. And I said: “Las-o baltă”. (Las-o baltă is Romanian and means “Forget it”.) Two hours later I asked again, and my Mom said we go shopping and I said okay. And then we just stopped, and I said: “What happened?” and my Mom said that we go to Disney Land and I ignored that. She said it once more and I ignored it again and then she said: “Get out of the car” and I shouted for joy. And yes, we are in Disney Land and I went to Winnie-the-Pooh and to Ariel and to Belle and to others. Lastly, I ate ice cream and lastly lastly I celebrated.

And this was the most beautiful day in my life!

– Hey there, thanks a lot for your letter! 🙂 It really made me smile! I can imagine the car ride without knowing where you go and the great surprise as you really ended up in Disney Land! This must have been an unforgettable day. When I was ten years old, my Mom also spent a day with my brother and me in Disney Land and I loved it so much. Me too, I never forgot this incredible day. Big hug from Karina. 🙂

UnbenanntUnbenannt 2Unbenannt 3


Alina: “Outside it is very quiet and magical”

Alina is 11 years old. She lives in Russia, in Kaliningrad.

Alina sent me a wonderful letter in Russian, together with a beautiful picture she drew.

Alina writes:

My best day

Silver snowflakes fall from the sky. Outside it is very quiet and magical. The city is decorated solemnly with bright chains of light. The windows of the houses are lighted, today nobody goes to bed early.
My best day is New Year’s Day. The whole family looks forward to the magic of New Year’s Day. Especially the children are excited about this celebration. We cook different dishes together. We joke, we laugh, everyone is excited in a comfortable way, in the feeling before the New Year’s Eve. Everybody dresses beautifully, everybody does their hair. My sister Lera and I dance around the New Year tree. Then we sit down at the table and enjoy delicious things. We wait for the chimes to congratulate each other and then we go outside. Pedestrians in the streets congratulate each other, children cheer and romp. Everybody watches the festive salute. Then we return home to go to sleep. We want the night to end quickly so that we can unwrap our New Year presents and see which presents Father Frost gave to us.
This is my best day.

Alina, thanks so much for your wonderful letter! Спасибо ❤
I love your description of New Year’s Eve. It feels like I was there with you. 🙂 I can imagine that this is a great day and that you enjoy it very much.
I also love the picture you drew that shows how happy you are this day.
I wish you so so many happy and fantastic New Year celebrations. Never stop to enjoy these magical things in life. 🙂 Lots of love, Karina

Alina Komarowa_SchreibenAlina KOmarowa_Bild

Jose: “Tener a toda la familia unida” (To have the whole family united)

Jose lives in Popayán, in Colombia, and sent me a moving letter in Spanish that shows how precious is time with your family.

Jose writes:

An entire happy day

That what would make me happy, would be to wake up next to my Dad and my Mom, to have a big house and to have the whole family united, that we have dinner in a big dining room with the whole family; that my Grandad Rodrigo would be alive, and to go to another country, to go for a walk with my whole family, that my Mom and my Dad would be together, to have a finca (country house) with many animals, but above all to have a united family that doesn’t argue, that there would be only one day to enjoy all united, it doesn’t matter to me not to have money with that of being with all of them, to go for an ice cream, to go to the Kinderhilfe, and live together well with them, to know Miss Ute, to thank her for everything, to tell her that what she does is something very beautiful and shows solidarity, that in this time I could live with happiness and with my whole family.
That would be the happiest day in my life.

Dear Jose, thank you very much for your letter. Muchas gracias. ❤ I can understand that you would love to see your family united. For me, my family is very important, too. I wish you so much that you can spend happy days with your family and that it’s possible to go for a walk with them or to eat ice cream. And I’m happy that you like to go to the Kinderhilfe (that is Kinderhilfe für Kolumbien) and that you like Miss Ute (who also sent me Jose’s letter – thanks a lot ❤ ).
It’s good to read your letter and to be reminded to enjoy the time with your family. Thank you, Jose, I wish you all the best, happiness and that your dreams will come true. Big hug, Karina.


Sarah: “Our school has made me feel loved and happy”

Sarah is 9 years old. She lives in Ebukanga, in Kenya, and sent me a lovely letter in English.

Sarah writes that her school has made her feel loved and happy. She gets meals, gifts and education.
Sarah also enjoys holidays. At home she plays with her friends, and they sing songs.

Dear Sarah, thank you for your letter! It’s great that you feel loved and happy at school. I wish you so many happy days at school and lots of fun when you play with your friends and you sing songs together! 🙂
Yes, I enjoyed the Christmas holidays in December, too. Thanks for asking, Sarah, and many greetings from me to you. ❤ Karina


Happy Birthday!

Today it’s Children’s Happy Days’ first birthday!

I want to say thank you and celebrate with you one year full of wonderful and inspiring letters, happy moments and new friends.

As I started this project one year ago, I could not have imagined that today there are already 70 letters from 20 countries collected here. Children from Afghanistan, Benin, Bhutan, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Germany, Indonesia, Kenya, Portugal, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Uganda and the USA sent me letters about their happy days. They made me smile, think, inspired me and touched my heart. I hope, when you read the letters you are as happy as I am when I learn something about what happiness is for children from all over the world.

I also got to know wonderful people who stick up for children like Lucrecia from Centro Niñez Feliz, Mike from Kinderhilfe Indonesien, Chrisna, Karabo and Mary from Lesedi la Batho, Andrew from Oceano Surf School, Mara from Kwa moyo, Barbara and Thomas at the German school in Lisbon. Amongst them new friends I’m so glad I got to know during this year.

The children who wrote me the amazing letters from Portugal I also met personally during a journey to Lisbon. I visited them and their teachers Barbara and Thomas at the German school and had one of the most beautiful days.

All of this makes me really happy! I’m so excited what the next year of Children’s Happy Days will bring, which countries will join the blog and what else we can learn from children about happiness.

Lots of love, Karina

PS: A big heartfelt thank you to my Mom who always believes in me and my dreams and reads every single blog article. You are awesome! ❤