Dana: “Despertar en mi casa” (To wake up at home)

Dana lives in Colombia, in a city called Popayán, in the south-west of the country.

She sent me a letter in Spanish that moved me a lot.

Dana listed everything that makes her happy.
She writes:

What makes me happy on a day:

* to wake up at home
* to have one more day of life
* when I can have breakfast with my family
* to come to the foundation and to participate in the Advent calendar
* to write down my thoughts
* to play with my things and to feel that I’m still a child
* to paint and to watch videos
* to eat tiramisu ice cream
* to share a house with my grandmother and my cousin
* my Mom accompanies me during the night
* to spend Christmas with my family

Dana also drew a beautiful mistletoe with bells, a Christmas tree, and wrote Feliz Navidad (Merry Christmas).
The foundation she writes about is Kinderhilfe für Kolumbien, an organization that supports people in Colombia. Kinderhilfe für Kolumbien also sent me many letters from children in Popayán (including the one from Dana). Thanks a lot for that, the other letters will follow. ❤

And muchas gracias Dana! Thank you so much for your letter! I hope you had lovely Christmas days with your family. I also love to write down my thoughts. It’s a good way to reflect on the things you see and experience. I wish you with all my heart that you can often play and paint, eat tiramisu ice cream, feel that you are still a child, and that you are safe and happy. Much love, Karina. ❤



Mia: “Es war der letzte Tag in Barcelona” (It was the last day in Barcelona)

Mia is 11 years old. She lives in Portugal. Her best day she spent in Barcelona.

Mia writes:

My perfect day

Hello, my name is Mia and I’m 11 years old. Today I tell you about my perfect day, the day when I still was with my BEST friend; it was the last day in Barcelona. On this day we had breakfast, after that Jonna, my friend, and I took her dog Hazel for a walk. After that we went to Jumping. This is a great big hall with many trampolines therein. We were in the hall about one hour and had so much fun. When it was around 2 p.m. we ate something very quickly and after that we drove to the airport. At the airport we went to the terminal and then we played tag there and hide-and-seek. We also were on the cell phone and played something. When the boarding started, I was the first one to be brought into the plane. And then the journey home began. I think I finish the day now. Bye-bye.

Dear Mia, thanks a lot for your beautiful letter! What a wonderful and exciting day you told us about! ❤ I like Barcelona and I can imagine your perfect day there. To spend time with the best friend, to go for a walk with the dog, to jump on trampoline and to play are amazing things. I hope you get the chance again to do all of this! Big hug, Karina

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Alex: “My class mates together with my teacher will sing for me happy birthday”

Alex lives in Kenya, in Ebukanga near Luanda. He is 9 years old.

Alex sent me a beautiful letter in English about his happiest day.

Alex’ happiest day is his birthday on the 12th of December. His friends, class mates at school and his teacher sing happy birthday for Alex and he receives some presents like for example flowers.

Alex writes that he usually feels loved.

Dear Alex, thanks a lot for your letter! I’m doing well, thanks for asking. 🙂 I was very happy to read your letter. It’s wonderful that you enjoy your birthday so much and that your friends at school and your teacher sing happy birthday for you. I hope that you will always feel loved and I send you a big hug from Germany! Karina.

And thank you very much Kinderhilfswerk FURAHA e. V. for supporting schools in Kenya and sending Alex’ letter to me! ❤




Lara and Marielle: “Ein glücklicher Tag ist für mich, wenn ich ganz viel Zeit habe” (A happy day for me is when I have very much time)

Lara and Marielle sent me an enchanting letter from Lisbon in Portugal.

They go to the German school and wrote in German.

Here is their letter in English:


Hello Karina,

A happy day for me is when I have very much time and I have no homework. I like dancing, doing gymnastics and to watch a TV series or a movie on Netflix at the end of the day. Sometimes I also like to play something on PS4.

From: Lara & Marielle

From the German school in Lisbon.

Vielen Dank, thank you for your nice letter, Lara and Marielle! I also like it a lot when I have much time. It’s great to have time for the things you love and to do them calmly, without stress. And I love dancing, too! 🙂 And I also like to watch a series or a movie at the end of the day. Lots of love, Karina.

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Jessie: “Sie kam zu mir und war wieder froh” (She came to me and was happy again)

Jessie lives in Romania, in a town called Sighisoara. She goes to the German school there and sent me a delightful letter about her happy day.

In English Jessie’s letter says:

The most beautiful day of my life!

The most beautiful day of my life is very interesting, it starts like this: One night I dreamt about a very very beautiful dog. Her fur was white and soft, she was small and sweet…
It was a very beautiful dream, what a pity that it was not real.
In the morning I told my parents about my dream. I asked them: “Could I have a dog?”
They told me they would think about that. But the days went by and the dream was not fulfilled. I was sad. 😦
One day my father told me: “Come with me, we go for a walk.”
After a while I wanted to know where we go. He replied that he had a surprise for me. After a short time he stopped the car and told me to stay there. I waited for two or three minutes and he came with a dog. She was very beautiful but also anxious. She came to me and was happy again. 🙂

Jessie thanks a lot for your letter! ❤ What a beautiful story! 🙂 It’s great that your dream finally came true and you have a dog now. I hope you have so much fun with her and that you have happy days together! Lots of love, Karina

JessieJessie 2