Tarek: “Wir spielen verstecken und essen Hotdogs” (We play hide and seek, and we eat hot dogs)

Tarek lives in Cairo, the capital of Egypt.
He is 8 years old and sent me a letter in German.

Tarek’s letter says:

Hello you!
My name is Tarek.
I’m 8 years old.
I’m from Cairo / Egypt.
For me, a happy day is when it’s my birthday and I get presents. We play hide and seek, and we eat hot dogs.
Best regards
Yours, Tarek

Hello Tarek, thank you for your letter! What a nice way to celebrate your birthday. 🙂 I’m sure it’s a lot of fun to play hide and seek, and to eat hot dogs. I hope that you will always have lots of fun on your birthday, and on all other days, too. 🙂
Many greetings from Germany, Karina

Sarah: “Das möchte ich später mal werden: Tierärztin oder Tierpflegerin” (What I would like to be later: veterinarian or animal caretaker)

Sarah is 10 years old. She lives in Germany, in a town called Stadtsteinach. Stadtsteinach is located in Bavaria, in the Franconian Forest Nature Park.
Sarah sent me a beautiful letter in German.

She writes:

Hello Karina,
My name is Sarah and I’m from Germany. I’m 10 years old. For me it is a beautiful day when I can go swimming and when I can meet my friend.
My hobbies are: playing table tennis, swimming, jumping on the trampoline, bike riding and inline skating.
My siblings: 1 sister, 2 brothers.
What I would like to be later: veterinarian or animal caretaker.
Best wishes,
Yours Sarah

Hi Sarah, thank you very much for your wonderful letter. Vielen Dank! 🙂 I like that it’s so colourful with the flowers, smileys and hearts you drew.
I also like swimming, especially in summer, and meeting my friends. You have a beautiful list of hobbies! You must have a lot of energy, that’s great! 🙂
I hope you have always fun with your sister and your brothers, and that you will be a veterinarian or animal caretaker later.
Lots of love, Karina

Roland: “My hobby is swimming”

Roland sent me a letter from Tallinn. Tallinn is the capital of Estonia, a country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe.
Roland is 12 years old and wrote his letter in English.

Roland’s letter says:
My Happy Day
Dear Karina,
I am Roland Maltis and I’m 12 and from Tallinn. My happy day is when I don’t have school because I don’t need to learn something and don’t need to get up early. When I go on a trip, I have a happy day too. When it is my birthday, New Year’s Eve or Christmas it is a happy day too. My hobby is swimming, and I am happy when I go to a swimming pool in other countries because it is interesting.

Hi Roland, thank you very much for your letter! I have to say when I went to school, I did not like it either to get up so early. I would have liked it more if school days had started a little later. 🙂 So, I understand that, but I also hope that sometimes you learn things at school that are interesting. 🙂
I hope you had a beautiful Christmas time and a great start of the new year! I have not considered yet how swimming pools are different in other countries, but that is a fascinating question. Next time I’m in another country, I will think of your letter and have a look how the swimming pools are there.
Lots of love from Germany, Karina

Keilla: “I love to talk with people”

Keilla is 15 years old. She lives in Kanyosha, in Burundi. Burundi is a country in East Africa. Keilla sent me a beautiful letter in Kirundi, the language of Burundi.

Here is what she writes:

I greet you.
I love my parents.
I love the mother who welcomed us at the Foundation Stamm and also the aunties who live with us.
I love listening to music very much.
I love drawing flowers.
I love the child whose name is Ndayishimiye Lynzi.
I love to eat good meals.
I love school.
I love watching TV.
I love my school mates and also the children with whom I live at the Foundation Stamm.
I love auntie Amandine very much.
I don’t love people who make me angry.
I love to laugh from time to time, especially when I’m not angry.
I love to talk with people.
Bye bye, kiss kiss, thank you.

The Foundation Stamm Keilla writes about is an organisation that supports children in Burundi, together with Burundikids e.V. They also sent me Keilla’s letter together with a translation. Thanks a lot for that! ❤

And hello Keilla, thank you very much for your amazing letter. I like the big flower you drew, it’s beautiful! 🙂 And I think you have a wonderful list of what you love. It’s great that you love your parents, the people at the Foundation Stamm, the other children there and your school mates. For me it’s also one of the things that makes me so happy when I’m surrounded by people I love. And I also like listening to music! 🙂 I hope that most of the time no one makes you angry, that you can laugh a lot and that you have lots of beautiful conversations with people. Big hug, Karina.

Olivia: “La vie en fraternité” (Life in brotherhood)

Olivia lives in Burkina Faso, a country in West Africa. She is 18 years old and sent me a remarkable and moving letter in French.

In English, Olivia’s letter says:

What is happiness?
Happiness is a favourable circumstance that brings success, the success of an action. We had the luck to find the sun, a tranquil life, an excellent health. Happiness is neither money nor beautiful houses, it can be life in brotherhood with the little bread we have.
Happiness is not to possess everything in the world, but to have your own love and the love of your next one. You don’t buy happiness. But you find it in the small joys of your everyday life.

Bonjour Olivia. Thank you so much for sending this extraordinary letter to me. Merci beaucoup! ❤
There is so much wisdom in your letter, and it moves me a lot. I want to thank you for reminding us all what true happiness is about. It really can be found in brotherhood, love and the small joys of our life.
I’m happy that you had the luck to find excellent health. I hope you and your family stay healthy and happy and that your life will always be filled with love and joy.
Big hug, Karina