Queen: “I’m happy when I receive good marks at school”

Queen lives in Burundi, in East Africa. She lives in Kanyosha, a commune of Bujumbura Rural Province.
Queen is 9 years old and sent me a letter in Kirundi, the language of Burundi.

She writes:

My name is Queen Sara Ingabire. I am 9 years old and I go to the third grade of primary school.
1. I’m happy when I receive good marks at school.
2. I’m happy when I get new clothes and new shoes. I also love to go to celebrations.
3. I’m happy when my Mum cooks meat.
4. I also love when I go to church and when I sing “Wera wera Adonayi Ushizwe Hejuru”.
5. I’m happy when I take a ride in the car.

Hi Queen, thanks a lot for your nice letter! I like the things that make you happy. 🙂 I hope that you will always have fun learning and receive good marks at school! It’s great that you like to go to church and to sing there. I would love to hear “Wera wera Adonayi Ushizwe Hejuru”. And I also hope that you can often enjoy going to celebrations and get nice new clothes and shoes.
Sending lots of love, Karina.

And thank you to the organisation Burundikids e.V. for sending me Queen’s letter together with a translation from Kirundi. All the best for your work! ❤

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Monica: “Me hace feliz jugar con mis hermanos todo el día” (It makes me happy to play with my brothers all day”)

Monica lives in Argentina. The village Monica lives in is called Garupá. Garupá is located in north-eastern Argentina.
Monica sent me a beautiful photo of her and her letter. She wrote her letter in Spanish. It says: “A mí me hace feliz jugar con mis hermanos todo el día.”

In English, Monica writes:

To me, it makes me happy to play with my brothers all day.

– Hola Monica, muchas gracias por tu carta! Thanks a lot for your letter, Monica, and for the beautiful photo of you holding your letter. You have such a pretty smile. It’s great that it makes you happy to play with your brothers all day. This is really a good way to spend a day! 🙂 When my brother and I were kids, we also loved to play outside all day. This is one of my happiest memories from my childhood. I hope that there are many many days for you and your brothers to play together and that you always have a lot of fun!
Big hug, Karina.

Ange Lynzi: “I love people who make me laugh”

Ange Lynzi is 15 years old. She lives in Burundi. Burundi is a country in East Africa. Ange Lynzi lives in Kanyosha, a commune of Bujumbura Rural Province in Burundi.
Ange Lynzi wrote a letter in Kirundi, the language of Burundi.

Her letter says:

That which I love first of all is listening to music. And I also love singing very much. I also love to dress with style, and I love Android more than anything. I also love people who make me laugh, those who are called comedians. I also love to draw flowers, I love to go for a walk and I love to study. I also love when we are all together at the Foundation Stamm.

Dear Ange Lynzi, thank you so much for your beautiful letter! I also love listening to music. And I like drawing, too. 🙂 It’s wonderful to read how colourful you describe all the things you love. It’s a beautiful mixture of different things. I hope that you will always have fun expressing your creativity with your personal style, that you will always be surrounded by people you love and that you will laugh a lot.
Big hug, Karina.

And I want to thank the organisation Burundikids e.V. that supports children in Burundi, together with the Foundation Stamm Ange Lynzi writes about. They sent me Ange Lynzi’s letter together with a translation from Kirundi. Thanks a lot, and all the best for your work! ❤

The most beautiful letters in a book

I am happy to share with you that in Germany the most beautiful letters of “Children’s Happy Days” can now be found in a book, too!

The book is in German, and the title is “Ein schöner Tag ist ein Tag, an dem ich tanzen kann” (A happy day is a day on which I can dance).
It is published by the publishing company “Eden books”.

I hope everyone who speaks German will like this collection of the most amazing letters from children from every continent.
Hopefully, there will also be an English version in the future!

Lots of love and a very happy Christmas time for all of you. ❤

Hepsipa: “My aim is to study well”

Hepsipa lives in India. She lives close to Dindigul in the South of India. Dindigul is a city in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.
Hepsipa’s letter came to me through the organisation Indo-German Help for Children. One of their projects is a home for children in the village of Panjampatti. 80 children live there, and Hepsipa is one of them. She is a student in the 4th grade.
Hepsipa wrote a remarkable letter in Tamil which the Indo-German Help for Children sent to me together with a translation into English.

Hepsipa writes:

My name is G. Hepsipa, studying 4th standard. I came to this cottage on 02.06.2016, while I was in standard 1. My father’s name is Ganaprakasam and my mother is Alice Mary. We are 7 children in my family, 4 girls and 3 boys. I am the 6th one. My youngest brother is Mathew, studying 2nd standard. My nature place is N.Panjampatty. Due to Corona lockdown now I’m staying with my parents. My house is a very small, thatched house, no cement floor. My happiest moment is when I came to this home only, because I feel this home as a palace for me. My birthday is 25th of January. My aim is to study well and go for a job, earn money to build a nice house and take care of my parents in their old age.
Thank you!
G. Hepsipa.

Dear Hepsipa, thanks a lot for your letter! நன்றி (I hope that is right for thank you in Tamil, I looked it up on the internet 🙂 )
You have a large family, and I hope you are all well these days. ❤
I think it is great that your aim is to study well, and you can be so proud of yourself that you are already planning to take care of your parents later. You are an extraordinary girl. I can also imagine that you feel well in N.Panjampatty and that it is important to have enough space to be able to learn and to concentrate on school.
I hope that all your life you will always have a place where you feel home and where you can flourish.
I wish all the best for you, your parents, brothers and sisters!
Lots of love, Karina.

And thanks to the Indo-German Help for Children, too, for sending and translating Hepsipa’s letter!