Maria: “In my happiest day are my friends, good training and tasty food”

Maria is 15 years old. She lives in Estonia, in the capital city Tallinn.

Maria wrote a letter in English about her happiest day.

She writes that in her happiest day there are her friends, good training and tasty food. Without these things her day would not be so good.
In a happy day, Maria has a lot of fun with her friends. In a good training, she doesn’t fall from her horse and she does all the elements the trainer said to her or to the group.
For Maria, tasty food is pasta, her favorite soup, pizza, sushi, potato or rice.
Maria also writes that she thinks with good mood she won’t be sad or angry.

Dear Maria, thanks a lot for your beautiful letter! I agree with you: Having fun with friends, doing a good training and eating tasty food are definitely important elements for a happy day. 🙂 I’m also happy when I can spend time with my friends. I love to have a good training (for me it’s dancing instead of riding, but I feel the same way about it). And I like pasta and pizza, too. I hope you have a lot of happy days like this. With good wishes for you, too. Karina



“Ich habe viel Konfetti für meinen Bruder auf den Boden getan” (I placed a lot of confetti on the floor for my brother)

I don’t know the child’s name who sent me this letter, but it’s from Sighisoara in Romania and the girl or boy wrote the letter in German.

In English the letter says:

My most beautiful day
My most beautiful day was when I got a brother.
I was in Târgu Mureș (that’s a town in Romania) and I saw my brother in the hospital. He was little, had black hair and he slept. Afterwards, I went home and I placed a lot of confetti on the floor for my brother. I waited a lot for him.

– Hello, thank you so much for your lovely letter! I also have a little brother and saw him for the first time at the hospital when he was born. That’s really wonderful. I love your idea to place confetti for your little brother on the floor at home. I hope you two have so much fun together! Big hug, Karina


Tha Zin: “On one of my birthdays I got an album”

I’m very happy to share Tha Zin’s letter from Myanmar with you.
Myanmar (also known as Burma) is a country in Southeast Asia.
Tha Zin lives in a town called Pyin Oo Lwin. It is located in the Shan Hills, about 70 kilometers east of Mandalay, at an altitude of 1.070 meters.
Tha Zin’s letter is in Burmese and English.

In English, Tha Zin writes:

“What is a happy day for me”
In life there is a day of sadness and also there will be a day of happiness. My happy day is my birthday, because my teachers pray to me and my friends give me presents. I get birthday presents. On one of my birthdays I got an album. I put my parents’ photos and my friends’ photographs. That is why a day of happiness for me is on my birthday.

Dear Tha Zin, thank you very much for your letter. ကြေးဇူးတငျ (I hope this is right for thank you. I looked it up on the internet. Even though I can’t read it, I like your Burmese writing a lot.) I understand that your happy day is your birthday. It is wonderful that you got an album on one of your birthdays. I also have an album with photos that remind me of the people I love and of the happy days I experienced. I love to look at it, it makes me happy immediately. I wish you so many fantastic birthdays and lots of beautiful photographs and memories for your album.
And a big thank you to Marc Heintz and the Förderverein Kinderhilfe Birma e.V. for sending Tha Zin’s letter to me.
Best wishes, Karina


Jonner: “Peace and Unity of the world”

Jonner is 10 years old and lives on the Philippines. He lives in the municipality of Padre Burgos. Padre Burgos is located on the island Leyte, about 1100 kilometers southeasterly from the capital Manila.

Jonner sent me two pictures he drew about his happy day. The first one shows a jumping dolphin on the ocean, and a palm tree at the beach.

The second drawing is about the people around the globe, and peace and unity of the world.

Dear Jonner, I like your drawings so much! The first one makes me dream of a day by the ocean. And the second one is so special and beautiful. I would love to see that peace and unity of the world, too. Thanks a lot, Jonner! 🙂 Lots of love and greetings from Germany, Karina.


Valentina: “Disfrutar del tiempo con mi mamá” (To enjoy time with my Mom)

Valentina lives in Popayán, in the south-west of Colombia.
She sent me a beautiful letter in Spanish, together with the drawing of a wonderful flower.

Valentina writes:

A happy day for me:
Would be to be able to share more time with my Mom and to spend this day completely with the family and to be able to do all possible things on this special day to enjoy time with my Mom, and on this day I would be carefree about other things and enjoy this day ❤ ❤ ❤
Yours Valentina

Dear Valentina, thank you for your lovely letter. Muchas gracias! ❤ I understand completely that you love to spend time with your Mom. Me, too, even grown up, I enjoy spending time with my Mom so much. I wish you that you can spend as much time as you want with your Mom and that you have very happy days together, doing everything you like! Big hug, Karina