Dararak: “My mom grew crops and I watered the plants “

Dararak lives in Thailand. She is 15 years old.

Dararak’s parents work as farmers and live in a village where there is no school. Dararak lives in a children’s home to have the chance to go to school.

In her letter she writes:

I went to a rice field with my father and my mother. We took care of our cows and buffalos. My mom grew crops and I watered the plants and fed food to the cows, buffalos, and fishes. After that I went back home.

Dear Dararak, thanks a lot – ขอบคุณ – for your letter and the lovely picture you drew! I can imagine that you like to be at the rice field with your Dad and your Mom and that it’s good to take care of your cows and buffalos. I hope that you often have the chance to spend time with your parents, to water the plants and to feed the animals. Lots of love, Karina

And also a big thank you to Thai Care e.V. and to Anne Brouer for sending Dararak’s letter to me and translating it into English!

Dararak, 15 yearsDararak_pic


Josephine: “On a bien mangé, on a bien s’amusé, on a écouté de la musique” (We ate well, we had a very good time, we listened to music)

Josephine is 11 years old and lives in Pobé. Pobé is a town in Benin, in West Africa.

Josephine wrote her letter in French and she also drew two amazing pictures.

In English Josephine’s letter says:

Dear Miss from Germany
Hello dear Ms. Sillmann
How are you doing?
Here in Pobé I’m doing well.
During Christmas I was very happy because we received a lot of presents.
We ate well, we had a very good time, we listened to music. When it was auntie Ellen’s birthday I received a lot of sweets from Haribo and chocolate.
When it was my birthday auntie Mareike gave me a ball and chocolate.
When I did the evaluation at school I was the second in my class.
As I am the second in my class, I’m very happy.
This is the end of my letter. Goodbye and see you,

Below the picture with the cock Josephine wrote: As soon as the cock is awake he sings cock-a-doodle-doo. Beside the flag on the left it says: This is the flag of Benin and beside the flag on the right: This is the flag of Germany.

Thank you so much – merci beaucoup – Josephine for your lovely letter and the beautiful pictures!

And thanks to Kinderhilfe Westafrika e.V. and auntie Ellen 🙂 – Ellen Theurer – for sending Josephine’s letter to me. Ellen was a volunteer for a year at the orphanage Les Chants des Oiseaux where Josephine lives.

Dear Josephine, I’m doing fine, too, thank you! I’m really happy that you had such a wonderful time during Christmas and also at Ellen’s and your own birthday. I also like the sweets from Haribo. 🙂 It’s great that you are the second in your class. I hope you have lots of fun learning and going to school. I send you a very big hug from Germany to Benin. ❤

Josephine 1Josephine 2


Antonio: “Ein schöner Tag für mich ist, wenn ich Fußball spiele” (A beautiful day for me is when I play football)

Antonio is 10 years old and lives in Portugal. He goes to the German school in Lisbon (Deutsche Schule Lissabon) and sent me a great letter with a cool picture about what makes him happy.

Antonio writes:

Hello Karina,

My name is Antonio and I’m 10 years old.

I’m from Portugal.

A beautiful day for me is when I see my friends, when I play the piano and when I have time to paint. And when I play football.

What is a beautiful day for you?

Thank you for your letter and the amazing drawing of playing football, Antonio! I like it very much! It’s great that there are different things that make you happy. For me too, a beautiful day is when I see my friends. Other things that make me happy are listening to music, dancing, writing and travelling! Every day I can do one of these things is a beautiful day for me. 🙂 Many greetings from Germany!

2. Antonio.jpg

Rommanee: “My first English lesson I was so excited, but I liked it a lot!”

The first letter from Thailand arrived: Rommanee is 14 years old and sent me an amazing letter about her happy day.

Rommanee lives in a children’s home. Her parents work as farmers and live in a village where there is no school. That’s why Rommanee lives in the children’s home because there she has the chance to go to school.

– Thanks a lot to Thai Care e.V. for forwarding Rommanee’s letter to me and to Anne Brouer who translated the letter into English! Rommanee’s letter says:

I like to see my teacher Thea. I am happy that she is a volunteer in our children’s home and teaches English to us. It is good for asking questions. I am very glad because Thea speaks English very well. My first English lesson I was so excited, but I liked it a lot! As more as I learn English I like it more and more.

I like my volunteer teacher Thea, because she teaches funny and isn’t too strict. I love to play English games with the teacher and I am very happy that Thea is here!

– Thank you so much – ขอบคุณ – Rommanee for your lovely letter and the beautiful picture! It’s awesome that you like learning English so much. I also like learning new languages. I had a look at Thai on the internet to write “thank you” here in your language and I think it’s fascinating. 🙂 I hope you spend many happy days learning English with Thea and playing lots of funny English games!


Abigaël: “Quand je mange macaroni je suis contente” (When I eat macaroni I’m happy)

Abigaël is 6 years old and lives in Benin. Benin is situated in West Africa. I’m so happy that Abigaël sent me the first letter from there!

She wrote in French. This is the translation of her letter:

Dear Ms. Sillmann,

My name is Abigaël and I’m six years old.

The day I’m happy is during Christmas. Then I dance and I eat well.

Here with us, Santa Claus comes every year to give us presents.

When I eat macaroni I’m happy, too and one or two times a year I also eat the salad which is very smooth!

One day that makes me happy is also when I get a good mark at school.

Thank you and bye for now,


– Thank you Abigaël – merci beaucoup – for your wonderful letter! I’m happy that you like Christmas and that Santa Claus comes every year to bring you presents. I also love to eat macaroni. And I hope that you get a good mark at school very often. Lots of love, Karina